Dating Advice for Men: Being Yourself

Towards the end of this dating advice for men book, I go back to once again talking about personality. If you are totally stressed out, struggling to be someone you are not, you aren't going to succeed.

Let it all go ... all the pretensions, all the desires to be something you are not. Rule no 1 and your bedrock of success, is to be yourself. The best dating advice for men is to remain centered in your unique personality, and to emphasize every positive attribute about yourself and your personality.

Most guys I consult with don't understand how to identify their positive attributes, let alone bring them out of hiding. You see, every many has a special flare, an added bonus, a unique and completely attractive style all of his own.

I've only met a few men who actually present this special character externally, and that's because most men are trapped. Stuck in their minds, bodies, activities, and habits, that completely cage the social acceptable romantic animal inside them.

Imagine yourself one month from now, completely transformed with full confidence and incredible charisma... think of how you'd feel after knowing all the details about physical presentation that women go crazy over. Well, the bottom line of this dating advice for men is, you want to have smooth and successful relationships, and you're probably hoping to get some too.

Make or Break Attitude Dating Advice for Men

If you think no one will like you, they won't. If you think you wouldn't be able to get a girl, you won't. On the other hand if you think you can get a girl, though maybe not this one, than you will.

Instead of being all things to all girls, just be yourself! That way you will attract someone who is compatible with who you are and you won't have to pretend to be someone you are not, just to keep her hanging around.

Maybe you aren't a party animal, or a great stud ... So! There are girls out there who will like you for who you are, and remember no one ...

Absolutely no one will like you for who you pretend to be. So if you are an outgoing personality, or an introvert, mad over science or a book worm, relax there is a girl for you and very soon you will find her.

Dating Advice for Men: Confidence

If yes, then you can do it for real!

Visualize going up to the girl of your dreams and asking her out. Rid your mind of all the negative thoughts that you have about yourself.

Don't be over anxious. Play it cool. Keep a poker face some of the time. Arouse her curiosity, entice her into wanting to know you thoroughly. Make her want you.

Don't chase too hard or too desperately, ignore a little, flirt a little, smile a little, look deep into her eyes a little ... and eventually you will kiss her a little... then a lot.

Imagination and Creativity

Watch some erotic movies to get ideas on how to kiss the girl of your dreams. Read books. Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing all that and more.

When you tune into your sensual self, you will become a sensual person and that sensuality will be reflected in your eyes, (man oh! man ... women just melt at bedroom eyes) and you will intuitively know how to kiss, when to kiss and where to kiss.

Be confident that your touch has the power to seduce a woman. Look at your hands and think of the power in them. Be aware of yourself ... who you are and what you think.

Stand up for your beliefs, be assertive and with that confidence will come the imagination to experiment and indulge in erotic kissing and more. You will be the one who will know, what every woman wants.


Keep your first few kisses short and sweet. Remember teenage girls like to collect scalps too. So if you are looking for one kiss, it's okay to go ahead and all out, but if you want her to be in your arms for longer than a day, stretch it out.

Kiss her short and sweet and always leave her wanting more. Don't satisfy her totally and you'll see that with just one look or a touch you will be able to arouse her.

Once you have got her hooked well and proper, you can then experiment at will with your willing partner.

Try out all the tricks you have read about and then invent some of your own. You are not limited by anything other than the limits you impose on yourself.

So, set yourself free and discover a life of immense joy and eroticism.

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