First Kiss Tips

Read these first kiss tips before that next date. Assume you asked your dream date out on a date. And you've had your cup of coffee, taken in a movie or had your drinks and dinner.

And now it is time for you to drop her off home and there's only one thing you can think of, 'will she let me kiss her. Can I do more ... cop a feel, do it all'. Guess what.

First Kiss Tips: She's Thinking the Same

'Okay so now he's wined and dined me and I have to pay for it by letting him kiss me, or touch me.

What if I don't like it, what if he's gross'. Or worse, ' I really like him, but he'll be a real shit if he makes a move so soon'. Or 'I really like him and I am dying to kiss him, what if he thinks I am too fast ... I can't give out on a first date'

Well guess what, any of the above scenarios and you lose big time. You might get your kiss, but after that? Will she walk away, never to see you again or will she come panting back for more and tell all her friends about this hot guy she's just met, who's so cute and a real kisser.

It's all in your hands and your mouth. And in the timing ... Should you kiss her on the first date, or let the excitement build?

Should it be a brush of lips, or a small peck or a quick in and out?

Should you let her lead, or be the all powerful man?

Will she like it rough or sweet and gentle?

How soon ... How fast ...?

It's all up to you. It's how you handle her, seduce her, excite her senses you kiss her the first time, that will set the stage for all that's to follow.

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