Make Out Tips: Seductive Kissing Approaches

Naturally you cannot goof your way into kissing a woman, but humor does have its place and its plus points.

So what exactly should you say, before/after/and during kissing. Well it can vary from a deep, intense silence, to just jokingly pulling close and sharing a quick kiss, to verbally stating the fact ... it all depends - on the situation and the girl.

So let's check out a few make out tips...

Seduction Before Kissing

Humor As In The Laughing Kiss - Humor is a great way to break down barriers. Imagine laughing over something together and how just by accident your arms brush each other's or you sort of end up closer.

If your faces are kissing distance apart and she is looking towards you, you could just lean over and plant a quick kiss on her laughing mouth. It'll be more fun because it is unexpected and there is no pressure on either of you to respond or take it deeper ... yet.

Great for a first kiss and for shy people. The best of the make out tips is go for it guys, no girl is going to reject you when she is laughing with you.

Casual but not so Casual in its Effect Kiss - A casual kiss or kisses can take place over an evening and actually you don't need to say anything for it. Just carry on talking and walking if that's what you are dong and ever so often stop to taste a brief kiss.

Confidence is the best of the make out tips to lear as in the Devastating Kiss - Confidence can be deep, dark and devastating. Here's how. When you have just met a girl recently or have picked her up for a date and she is looking fabulous, tell her how great she is looking and add that before the day/night is out you are going to kiss her.

Say it, in a quiet, serious voice, “You know you look great and you know what ... before the night is out I am going to kiss you”. Add a very small smile after your statement, so she can't tell if you are really serious or not. And take a guess as to what she'll be thinking all along, every single time she looks at you...

Intense Desire as in a Passionate Kiss - When you really want a girl to know you mean business (ideally you should have kissed her before) whisper hot, sexy statements in her ear. 'Your mouth is driving me insane' 'Did you know the way your upper lip curves ... is the way I imagined a perfect lip to curve ... I am going to kiss my way along it slowly ... oh! So slowly'

Silent Burn as in the Would Be Flammable Kiss - This one is best-kept quiet. Don't say a word at least not verbally, let your body do all the talking, as you brush her hand or back, her hair or her cheek 'accidentally' (stay away from the danger zone, breasts and hips, on your first few kisses).

What's important about these make out tips is to practice them until it becomes second nature. Have some confidence and practice these approaches until they become second nature.

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