Online Dating Tips for Men

So, you know a dozen, pretty women.

The waitress at the café on the way to work, who always gives you the special smile, or maybe your co-worker at the office.

Maybe the girl next door you grew up with -- with whom you share an easy relationship. You know them all. Some a little, some a lot ...

Whether superficial or actual, skimming on the surface or deep, how do we turn an existing relationship into a date?

For casual relationships and acquaintances, simply ask them out. (Yeah! Right!) But the trick is to ask in such a way that nine times out of ten, the answer will be Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! To a date. Yes! To going out.

Yes! To the first kiss...

Online Dating Tips for Men: Crack the Ice

Ask her opinion about something.

Ask for a favor (could you please watch this for me, while I run to get something for my little niece - her reaction, oh! O sweet)

Get her on the defensive but in a fun way (hey, it not fair you know... that you have the best skin I have ever seen)

Smile ... her into submission.

Set a time limit. Tell her you'll wait for her at 7 that evening at a particular place (99 % of the time, she won't be able to resist going, just to check if you are really waiting for her.

Make sure you aren't eyeing 6 other girls while you wait, because she's going to be watching you on the sly, before actually approaching you ... oh! so casually!)

Try some subtle body language to let her know you are attracted, look a little...

Don't get her phone number... Get into emailing or instant messaging. If you call her and she is in a bad mood, don't fret. Women have moods... don't think of it as a problem, think of it as mystique, mystery ... cut the story short and call back later... deal with it ... is this a bad time to call...? Listen to the problem then invite her out to cheer her up.

Hold off while you can, about asking her out. Her interest will be piqued if you didn't react in the expected manner, the first time you met her.

Asking For It!

It gets tricky, when you want to ask your colleague out for a date (By the way, office romances rarely result in anything good), because if she says no you will look bad and feel awkward around her at all times. And when it comes to asking your dear childhood friend, who's all grown up now into this gorgeous swanky lady, the situation becomes even murkier!

To ask the question or not. To do and die or not do and die ... it is a case of being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Keep in mind, a cup of coffee and a bagel, a walk along the sea shore, a movie or dinner and dancing all come under the same category.

They all qualify as a date. The difference is in the amount of pressure they put on both you and your date to 'perform'. Now if you were a college student, you might want a girl to 'hang' out with at the local joint.

But think 'MAN'.

You are all grown up now and a woman wants to go out with a MAN.

Not some boy she knew way back when he was all gangly legs and pimples. Not the shy college student with the lanky hair who got straight A's in school. Not the basketball champion of the college ....

Hey! Stop that ... rewind. Did I say not???

Yes! Definitely she wants to go out with the basketball champion of the day, with the boss, with Mr. Money Bags, with ... you name it, everyone but you.

So what do you do, if you aren't one of those things? Are you disappointed enough to disappear?

And by chance, have you ever noticed how so many beautiful women hang out with ordinary, sometimes positively ugly men?

Is it charisma, magnetism, authority, or sex?

Discovering the secrets of social magnetism, and learning how to capture a girl's attention can be natural for some men, but very complicated for others. In my experience, out of all the men I've met that seem to have this mysterious advantage in their social interactions, there has only been one or two that actually understand what they're doing.

These men all have the ability to draw women to them, entertain them, captivate and seduce them, but rarely do they understand the psychological effects they have on women. One man, who happens to be a friend of mine, Derek Vitalio, is extraordinarily good at approaching women, starting magnetic
conversations, and literally making women melt in his arms. It's actually sort of scary, because he has a completely unfair advantage over women.

Luckily for all you men, Derek invented what's called seduction science, and has created several products that help men blast through their personal barriers to thrive with women in all situations.

I'll refer to Derek an his information several times throughout this book, because coming from my personal experience as a woman, every man's life could become sizzling hot with passion from the help of his stuff.

Check out his Situational Opener Technology which is an unbelievable guide to approaching women. I encourage you to check out each one of his products that I recommend if you have any desire to masterful with the ladies. If this doesn't interest you that's okay, read on and many mysteries will soon be revealed....

Expanding Your Options

Are you surrounded by opportunity to create dating relationships? I know from personal experience that my little world is a small place compared to where I could be hanging out and meeting people. I've found, as you will, that dating is a hard game if your options are extremely limited.

Being able to prospect many, many women for dates is one HUGE advantage in finding the right girl (or even a decent one for that matter).

Dating is and always has been a numbers game, and to improve your odds it's important to get yourself out there so you can see what your options are. You may find that you see the same women every day, who don't seem to evolving into supreme beings deserving of a date with you...

How much can your dating relationships improve if you're incredibly limited by your options with women? To develop your own personal arsenal of seduction tricks, you need to be exploring all types of women, in all types of environments, and it should all be constantly changing so you see the full scope of what's available to you.

The absolute best and fastest way to effortlessly attract new ladies into your life is through online dating services. They used to be taboo, now it's totally acceptable and normal to be a part of one, or several.

Imagine being able to sift through thousands of women to find the right one for you... And, imagine what it would be like receiving messages from tons of girls who are trying to prove themselves worthy of a date with you.

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