Flirting Body Language

The Positive Signs of Flirting Body Language

Leaning towards you

Legs crossed towards you

Repeatedly crossing her legs.

Looking you in your eyes

Tracing your lips with her eyes

Playing with the cutlery or any movement that brings her hands nearer towards you.

Feet stretched out or arched towards you.

Touching you in passing.

Sitting or leaning in such a way as to draw attention to her breasts.

On a second meeting, wearing a black bra under a white shirt.

Wearing clothes that have easy access, like buttons on the front, or deep necks.

Tight, provocative clothes.

Brushing your body 'accidently'

People naturally become more comfortable and relaxed if talking with someone who is “mirroring” their behavior.

You can literally, mimic their posture, body movements and flirting body language to help develop the trust and comfort they have with you.

Don't be so obvious that she notices, but do hold your posture the same, and duplicate her movements if possible.

The similarities in your physical positioning will activate her subconscious mind, and that will naturally create a common comfort between the two of you.

This is critical for setting the stage for kissing!

A woman will often let you know through her flirting body language that she is interested. And if she is, then mimicking her body posture will put her even more at ease.

For example, if she is leaning towards you and you lean towards her, suddenly a kiss is a probability as your awareness of each other increases. But if on the other hand, you sit back in your chair, you are not mimicking her posture but are instead sending her a message that says, 'not interested'.

In another example, she is playing with the cutlery on the table, now you too can do the same and take the chance to touch her fingers casually (which is why she is doing it in the first place).

Or you can sit with your arms folded across your chest and guess what? She's going to think you are a stuffed shirt and will be gone before you can unfold your arms. By consciously imitating her, the way she is talking, sitting or moving, you add to the atmosphere of ease and at the same time heighten the levels of awareness.

Follow her lead in terms of talk and flirting body language and your chances of a successful meeting will be all the better. It is a delicious game, that when played well, delivers the object of your desire, straight into your arms.

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