How to French Kiss: Your Lips Don't Lie

How to French Kiss: Expressing Emotions ... And Transmitting Them

A kiss can convey many things to the person being kissed. It can be a final act of goodbye, or a voyage of discovery; it can be the softness of beginnings or the rough madness of desperate passion.

A kiss can convey everything from sadness to joy, lust to empathy, indifference to love. It can be a polite rebuff, or can invite desire, passion and love.

Special Kisses & Their Meanings

Convey affection - quick kiss dropped on the head.

Convey benediction, a blessing - kiss on the forehead.

Hello / Goodbye - quick buss on the cheek.

Request for More - deliberate kiss on the cheek.

Feeling / Create Sexual Arousal - kissing or sensually licking the hand or fingers.

Gently biting the palm of the hand, the wrist or the ears shows varying degrees of passion and desire.

A mouth to mouth kiss can be an exploration, a beginning or an end.

While a kiss on the neck, is like the start of hot, melting love making - but with lips only...

To summarize, there are as many kinds of kisses as there are human emotions. And it is a fact that what is in your heart will come to your lips, and will make itself felt in your kiss.

How to French Kiss: Lips don't lie.

You may have the best technique in the worlds but if in your heart, the girl in your arms means nothing more than a means to an end for you, then that is what will come across in your kiss.

Your kiss may be perfect in terms of placement of lips and tongue, but it will have the heart and soul missing from it. Just like someone playing the piano perfectly, but without any feeling at all, because without emotions no experience can be complete in itself.

My advice to you would be this, detach yourself from the end result. Kiss your girl but without any expectation of what you want to happen next or how often you should kiss her, as though you were keeping score.

Go with the flow and when your partner senses there is no pressure on her but to enjoy this moment and this kiss, she too will relax and the experience will become even better for both of you.

What's more she will be always willing to kiss you anytime, anywhere because you don't put any kind of pressure on her.

Physical Expression

Hug her a lot without touching her breasts or ass.

Cuddle together.

Walk holding hands.

Lace your fingers or play footsie every opportunity you get.

Slid one arm around her waist, or around her shoulder.

When you walk through a crowded place, place a hand on her shoulder to guide her safely through. At the same time, that hand for you signifies possession and for her, it suggests protection.

Caress her cheeks.

Play with her hair.

Gaze deep into her eyes.

In short, feel free to let your imagination roam and do what you want.

Facial Considerations

Don't be angry.

Don't frown or worry.

Don't get stressed.

Smile a lot.

Crack jokes and try too hard to be interesting.

Don't take yourself and life too seriously.

Look overly concerned (and feel it too).

Listen to her with interest.

Gaze at her, take in her features, drown in her eyes.

Be thoughtful and considerate

Vocal Considerations

Communicate with her.

Talk about your interests.

Ask her what she likes.

Compliment her every day on something that you really feel is nice.

Admire her and tell her what you admire about her.

Tell her what a great figure she has.

What clothes really suit her.

What hairstyle looks nice on her (if she has long hair, and wears them differently on some days).

Tell her things like, 'I like you because ...'

My personal favorite is, 'You are different from other girls ...'

A kiss is a gesture of great intimacy. It leaves us vulnerable and open to another human being, who can hurt us, with a few careless words. We cuddle in each other's arms and seek refuge from the world.

We breathe deeply of each other's skin and come close enough to show our flaws. We open our lips, our bodies and mind and welcome another, who a minute ago was a stranger, but will never be unknown to us anymore.

That is the power of a kiss. Just one simple lip to lip kiss.

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