30 Creative Ways to Kiss

A woman's body is all alluring curves and angles to be caressed and discovered as each kiss unveils more and more about her likes and dislikes. Read the description of the different creative ways to kiss first and then close your eyes and fantasize about it.

By mentally imagining each of the creative ways to kiss a few times, you will trick your mind and memory into thinking that you have already kissed that way and each kiss will find its proper place in your repertoire.

The Basic Lip Kiss or (what I call), The Interlock Kiss - In this kiss, you part your lips slightly and kiss one lip of your partner, while she kisses the other. Then you alternate lips. Make sure you tilt heads, so that your noses just brush and are not 'nose' on. (Full details on 'how to' are discussed elsewhere in this book).

The Shy Kiss - When either you or your partner is shy, then take a quick look around to make sure no one is watching before planting a closed, puckered up kiss on her lips. The 'quick-look-around-to-see-if-no-one-is-watching', gives this short and sweet kiss, its name.

The Stolen Kiss - When your partner is least expecting it and you suddenly lean forward and steal a quick kiss from her lips. The fun lies in the surprise.

The Quick Kiss - This gentle kiss reassures and warms your girl by showing her you care. Place your lips over both of hers to give her a quick kiss filled with warmth and feeling. It's one of the most popular creative ways to kiss.

The Quick Tongue Kiss - This kiss mimics the Quick Kiss described above, but with one difference. When you have encompassed her lips with your own, kiss her by quickly sliding your tongue in-and-out of her mouth and immediately arouse your passions.

The Mirror Kiss - In this erotic kiss, you kiss in front of the mirror and see your reflection (turn by turn) to turn yourself on even more. If only one partner likes to see the reflection in the mirror, then the other will kiss him or her shamelessly for the greatest effect.

The Talking Kiss - The talking kiss like its name includes whispered endearments or commands while you are kissing. If you don't say anything, your girl might think you aren't interested. So make sure you whisper blandishments like, 'God! You taste so good' because talking will create a deeper connection. Girls normally talk to give commands or express their desire or dislike for something, so make sure you listen.

The Laughing Kiss - The laughing kiss is one of the fun creative ways to kiss and takes place when both of you are kissing and one of you (normally the girl) starts to giggle or laugh while kissing. It isn't because she is making fun of you, the reason is quite simply, that a smooch can be such fun and gives rise to such delicious feelings, that it is quite impossible resist the giggles bubbling up inside.

The Eye Kiss - The eye kiss is one of the most sensual creative ways to kiss; sweet and romantic and a great way to shower love and affection on your partner. Start with a small tiny kiss on one eye, then kiss the other eye and then move to the lips. You can of course do it mouth first and then the eyes, or the eyes first, followed by the lips; either way it is a warm and affectionate kiss.

Straight to the Heart Kiss - This one is my personal favorite creative ways to kiss and I truly believe it leads straight to the heart. Place a deep, heartfelt closed lips kiss on the outside of the left cheekbone, on the outer edge of the cheek. After you have placed a kiss there, tell your girl “there that'll go straight to your heart now”. Then move on to the eyes and lips if you want to, or just leave it as a single kiss, branding your girl's cheek with love and desire.

The Ear Kiss - Nibble gently on your girl's outer ear and bite the ear lobe very gently. If she likes it you can also lick and trace the contours of her ear with your tongue and lips. Believe me, it feels very sexy and will send shivers down her spine.

The Fight and then Make Up Kiss - As you'll soon discover, half the fun of fighting is in the making up. So when she walks off in a huff, follow her and in a very dominating manner, grab her either from behind (simply slide an arm around her waist) or from the front (by holding onto her arms) and give her brief hard kisses, till she melts. When you feel her anger dissipating, then gentle your kisses, till passion flares hot again. Keep in mind, passion is the other side of anger, so the madder she is, the hotter she'll burn.

The Biting, Sucking, Licking, Sliding Kiss - This kiss can take place anywhere on her body. For example, you can
bite or nibble her shoulders, suck her fingers, lick her ear and place long sliding kisses up her arm or legs. Consider her body to be an undiscovered plateau of pleasures and explore each body part, with the attention it deserves; by biting, sucking or licking.

The Phone Kiss - The Phone Kiss takes the place of the kisses you can't give her, till you meet her. It's very very romantic and every girl loves them. Just purse your lips and make kissing sounds at the phone receiver and burn up the phone wires by sending them.

*The Neck Kiss* - Oh! Hot! Hot! Hot! This is one kiss that really sends the wires sizzling and will effectively short-circuit all coherent thought! Men normally don't get so excited by it, but women all but melt at the mere thought of one. The neck kiss is best begun if you are behind your girl. Simply move her hair aside, and place a long lingering kiss. Then kiss your way up and down her neck. When she arches her back and lifts up her face for easier access, you can turn her to face you and continue pressing heated kisses, gentle nibbles and deep soul shaking licks, to her neck and shoulders. Check out her collarbone too and then kiss your way to the smooth valley between her breasts. Results: one dazed, pliant, passionate female in your arms.

The Eskimo Kiss - The Eskimo kiss is cute and cuddly and all you have to do is rub noses together. It is much more fun then it sounds and you can even have a mock nose fight. When your girl is busy giggling over it, you could take advantage and drop a different kind of kiss on her laughing mouth. So, it's a great ice breaker.

The Electric Kiss - Both of you should stand facing each other on a rug and then rub your feet on it. Then kiss quickly. The static electricity builds up to give a small electric shock which is very exciting.

The Wet Kiss - Any kind of kiss with your mouth open, is a wet kiss. It could be playful or passionate, and might or might not involve the tongue. Just be careful of one thing, swallow your saliva before you start and if you need to, take a break to keep it down. You could take a break by either moving backwards to look into her eyes, or by placing a different kind of kiss on her cheeks, neck or hands.

The Hollywood Kiss - In the true style of romantic movies, sweep her over one arm, then bend her backwards over it, while you lean down to give her a deep, long fulfilling kiss. (Watch a few older style movies like 'Gone with the Wind' to understand the basics of these creative ways to kiss). Just be careful, you don't drop her and don't break your back trying it. You could always pretend to try out dancing the old fashioned way and then sort of lead into it, or if you are sure of yourself then fall into it.

The Bad Boy - Dress like a stud, a gangster, a don ... Wear a leather coat, dark glasses and boots. Stand aloof next to the bar, or wall or lean up against a car, with your legs crossed, and hands on either side of you, propped against the bar. Let your girlfriend do the running, and kiss you while you act all nonchalant and bored. It's great for a change and can really get the juices running.

Lip Suction - In this kiss, you kiss either the lower or the upper lip, while your partner kisses the opposite one. Draw the lip you are kissing, into your mouth and suck on it, to create a vacuum like sensation. Then switch to the other lip. What's more, you can also suck her tongue gently and then retreat, to let her try it.

The Teasing Kiss - Have your girl stand or sit down, perfectly still. Tell her she cannot move, or kiss you back no matter what you do. Then start to kiss her slowly and gently, all over her body. Stretch out the anticipation as much as you can. However, make sure you stay away from the erotic zones, unless you are both familiar with each other, and you know that it's okay to touch her breasts or hips.

The Butterfly Kiss - A romantic, starter kiss. Lean close to your partner's cheek and flutter and rub your eyelashes against her cheek. Some girls don't really think much of it, so play it by ear.

The Music Kiss - Normally you dance to the beat, but now you can kiss to the beat. At every beat kiss each other. If the music is slow, go for soft, deep, languorous kisses and if it is fast, try quick short ones either on the mouth or cheeks etc.

The Upside Down Kiss - When your girl is sitting down on a chair and you have walked across to her, approach her from behind and bend over to kiss her. You can lean over and kiss her when she is sitting, or have her lie with her head in your lip (or vice versa) and lean over to kiss her. Since the angles change, everything looks and feels excitingly different

The Vacuum Kiss - A lot of girls have never tried a vacuum kiss, so make sure you try it at least once, with every new partner. Simply cover her mouth with yours and try to suck out the air out of her body. Break apart to let each other breathe.

The French Kiss - The French kiss has been discussed in great detail, separately in this book. There is no right or wrong way to French Kiss, however the main thing is to be sensitive to your partner's needs and desires. Read her lips, does she want more, or has she had enough for the time being. Flicker the tip of your tongue, play chase and try different things to make your French Kiss sexy and fun.

The Torrid Kiss - This is a passionate, wet kiss, with a lot of hair pulling (not to hard though), passionate body rubbing, arching backs and desperate embraces. Start by kissing as normal and if your partner is responding, then unleash the passion.

The Car Kiss - Rule number one, be comfortable. Number two: Make sure you are parked in a safe spot, away from prying eyes. And lastly, the car is great for kissing, mainly because the smell of leather and car is a big turn on. A good car screams power and authority and makes the person driving it very sexy. Draw back before your girl has had enough and you can be sure of more car kisses, in the near future.

Kissing with Braces - Contrary to expectations, kissing with braces can be sexy and exciting. A little bit like someone wearing a tongue ring, only on a larger scale. The two main things you need to be careful of are: 1) good oral hygiene and 2) Pushing too hard - subtle and gently does the trick So have fun discovering the various types of kisses. Make sure you read all about the French Kiss, The Quick Kisses (tongue and no tongue), the basic interlock kiss in other chapters, as well as the tips from the Kama Sutra.

As time goes by, you will for sure add more to these creative ways to kiss. Combine several of these creative ways to kiss together, meaning transition from one to another to carry your lady through different emotions.

* This makes it very memorable and all the while more interesting! Till then practice them in your head and set out to woo the fairer sex, with a dangerous combination of charm, confidence and knowledge, gleaned from the pages of this book!

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