Seduction Techniques: Creating Curiosity and Mystery

I think this is by far one of the most important messages of this book. With the seduction techniques of curiosity and mystery, excitement automatically seeps in, and the sparks will fly.

Women create excitement by arousing your curiosity as to how it will feel to kiss them and inflect the simplest actions with mystery.

Seduction Techniques: Reading the Signs

Even though it is a stereotype of movies, in reality women do not apply lipstick in front of you often. If they do, you can bet that every brush of the lipstick is an invitation to you, to kiss them. Doesn't mean you should grab her there and then, but once you get the message, stay cool and kiss her when she least expects it. From personal standpoint and research of seduction techniques, a girl who is applying lipstick in front of you, isn't shy, so you can go in for a masterful kiss (to be discussed later).

However you will often see a girl who likes to lick her lips, ranging from a slow lick of the upper lip, to a quick wetting of the lower lip. If it is both lips, she is using these seduction techniques to see how excited you are going to get. My advice, stay cool.

Next comes the lip pout. In this case the lips are not allowed to fall naturally together but are held a bit pursed, with maybe the lower lip sticking out more. These seduction techniques, are of course, to draw your attention to her sexy lips and sort of challenge you by asking, 'Don't you really want to kiss me?'

A coy smile directed at you, involves a partial smile (as opposed to a broad grin) with either a quick eye contact or a downward gaze, to indicate interest, while also trying to capture the womanly attribute of shyness. Here's how you should respond and create mystery and sexuality in your turn...

The Lipstick Applicator: Wants you to kiss her, no denying that. This is not instinctive behavior but is a practiced art. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you really want to kiss her (since she may well be experimenting with everyone she meets) and if yes, then set your own pace and timing. Don't react. Take action when you want to, not when she expects you to.

The Lip Licker: This seduction technique falls between instinctive and practiced, depending on the girl. It shows she's interested. Try a bit of body brushing before you really kiss her.

The Pouter: is another artificial one, but in this case the intention is mild flirtation. You will get your kiss, if only to satisfy curiosity but don't count on anything more.

A Subtle Approach to Seduction Techniques

For the mystery seduction techniques, look deep into her eyes for a brief second and then pull back. Cover the emotions in your eyes and allow only brief glimpses of interest to escape to arouse her interest and curiosity.

Don't be all over her. Lean back a bit and let her come onto you (applies to initial meetings only).

Keep her guessing. Don't kiss her when she is expecting it. Let the anticipation build, preferably till you can't really hold on any more. Then when it happens it will be like spontaneous combustion.

Send conflicting signals, and increase the attraction of your seduction techniques and hold you have over her. Hold her hand but walk a little away from her (no body brushing) or do it the opposite way.

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