Hot French Kissing

Hot french kissing takes practice. Below are some of the best techniques for hot french kissing so try them all.

Concentrate on kissing only the lower lip and totally ignore the upper one.

Only kiss by lightly brushing the tongue against her lips (not inside her lips)

Hold her hand with one hand and use the other to tilt her chin upwards to bring her lips up to yours for a kiss

Hold the lower lip in your fingers and than eat it by kissing it. Move your fingers away as the kiss becomes deeper.

Kiss her upper lip, while she kisses only your lower • Fight to control her mouth by using your lips to cover her mouth and pushing your tongue into her mouth (a longer version of the quick tongue kiss and only to be attempted when you are with that special someone)

Kiss her gently, a la Sleeping Beauty while she sleeps. She will think it is part of her dream and will respond in that dream state.

By the end of this hot french kissing chapter, in theory at least you should have gone from a beginner to a master kisser.

If you imagine hot french kissing often enough in your head, it will work out for you in reality. Keep one principle in your mind -- Give pleasure before you take it and you will be immensely successful.

What's more, once word gets out about your 'special' abilities, you will have a line of women trying to beat down your door. Incidentally a word here about older women will not be amiss.

A lot of men who are good lovers, when asked about their patience and technique speak of having being seduced by an older woman when they were younger.

Both the parties gain something from it: the woman - hot, young, passionate blood and the boy: much needed experience.

• Force a passionate kiss to turn anger into passion, or to side track her from something that is bothering her.

So if an older woman invites you and if you like her, go for the experience. There is a lot to be said for maturity and the immense sexuality of a woman in her 30's.

Woman actually come into their own in their 30's and are immensely creative in bed and out of it... Just think of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher ... makes you think doesn't it?

Do you think you have what it takes to capture the seemingly rare, sizzling hot, sex driven older women? Are you living up to the sex life and passionate fulfillment you deserve and crave?

What's holding you back? Maybe it's your additude, or your conversational style... Maybe it's something you don't know you're doing that completely offends her, or makes you unattractive...

Sometimes men think they know a lot about seducing women, how to get them to open up sexually, hot french kissing and what I have found is that very few actually know a thing about the mechanics behind what they're doing.

Are you aware of the 7 “Seduction Killers” that make you irresistible to almost ANY woman? I wasn't either, and I'm a woman!! But then I found a very powerful course called Simple Seducer.

I don't know how this amazing friend of mine discovered these toe-curling secrets, but Simple Seducter does it all for any man.

If you have trouble with any of the hot french kissing tips just discussed, or anything like nervousness, fear of rejection, not knowing what to say, thinking she's out of your league, you can forever banish all that non-sense and finally start moving forward with your sex life.

Naturally, you'll find this the most empowering hot french kissing course and as you quickly transform yourself into a girl magnet, your smoking hot results will become automatic and easy.

Feel free to check out Simple Seducer to instantly learn explosive skills with the ladies. Guys, please remember I only refer stuff that I know is good.

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