Self-Confidence Tips: Battling the Fear of Rejection

What do the past masters of kissing, the Don Juan's of today and the men with the prettiest woman, have in common?

It's self confidence. A total lack of the fear of rejection is one of the most important self-confidence tips you'll learn!

It's the knowledge, that the fact that they find a woman attractive, will be enough to influence the game in their favor.

Stop! Understand the power of that statement.

These men, that are successful with women, all KNOW that being attracted to a women, and not fearing rejection, is the perfect formula for success with women!

Self-assurance as Aphrodisiac

Did you know, that for most women, the greatest aphrodisiac is, knowing a suave, charming, self-assured man finds them attractive. They all but melt at the idea.

Do you find that shocking to believe? Has it ever worked for you? Has the fact that you wanted a woman; been enough to turn a woman on.


Let's consider the key elements of the sentence I wrote above. 'For most women the greatest aphrodisiac is, knowing that a suave, charming, self-assured man finds them attractive...'

To get back, the key words are ' For most women'. It does not mean each and every woman in the world and you certainly would not want to kiss each and every woman that came your way regardless of looks, age and/or figure.

Most women in this context refer to confident, attractive women who feel comfortable in their femininity, who don't need to cut down a man to feel good.

Let's explore these self-confidence tips further and examine the words, 'a suave, charming, self-assured man' Look at the words carefully. Not everyone is suave and not everyone is charming. But everyone can be self-assured... confident in their sense of self and
confident that when they make a move it will be welcomed, invited and enjoyed.

To reach that stage you need to overcome an inborn fear of rejection and move towards total confidence. And that also answers the question that was raised before: 'have you ever noticed how so many beautiful women hang out with ordinary, sometimes positively ugly men?'

Charisma, Magnetism, Authority, and Sex Self-Confidence Tips

No! It is simple, plain old self-confidence and the authority that comes with being true to your self.

So let's analyze rejection and how to overcome it, so you can approach a girl with confidence, authority and sex appeal.

Self-Confidence Tips: Do You Need Approval?

How would you define yourself? As a person who needs a lot of approval, a little approval or one who is really happy go lucky and has a devil care attitude. Do you need all the people to like you all the time, or some of the people to like you some of the time or is it okay if a few people like you some time or the other?

Unfortunately, nature has provided us with an in built need for approval, which is directly related to your levels of self-esteem and confidence. That's why everyone needs approval.

But the question here is, just how much approval do you need? If as a child you felt a misfit or had idealistic role models, or were not loved enough or unconditionally, chances are your desire for approval are more than most people's.

You probably have more trouble with relationships with a tendency to be very dependent on the other person. In a way you can 'smother' a relationship to death. You seek approval from almost every one who plays an important role in your life.

If the above description describes you then you will really need to work on your need for approval. No woman wants a man who is weak and depends on her.

Or hesitates to speak his mind or stand up to her, because he is scared she will not 'like' him anymore. Or even worse, always wants her to tell him how good he is and reassure him constantly.

So how will a strong woman respond to you if you have a great need for approval? Probably by treating you like dirt, and taking great pleasure in having the upper hand and pushing you to see how far you will go...

The Power of Self-Esteem Self-Confidence Tips

Or going the opposite route and mothering you and trying to fulfill your never ending need for approval. Either way, it is a recipe for disaster. Whichever path your partner takes you can be sure, the relationship is not going anywhere fast.

For sure you aren't going to be doing much of kissing: Because to kiss well, you have to take charge and be strong enough to experiment with your girl.

Simply put, you can't be a great, innovative kisser if you are trying too hard to get it just right. You need confidence to go with the flow.

Where a woman is concerned, half the pleasure of kissing and sex is in her head. If she doesn't find you attractive mentally, no amount of fancy kissing is going to impress her.

Your confidence will be the magic formula to her mental attraction to you. What you really need to do is get out of this rut (called approval) you have dug your self into and get yourself some real confidence!

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