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Guess what? You have the powerful ability to use sexual foreplay touching to create all kinds of crazy sexy emotions in you girl. The following notes show you how to create various emotional responses with sexual foreplay touching...

Sexual Foreplay Touching Passion and Love

If you want to create passion and love in the woman of your dreams, the first thing to remember is not to rush. Don't rush her into kissing on the first date, don't rush her into more than she wants, especially with sexual foreplay touching. Instead let her lead the pace in what she wants and how she wants it.

Get ready to pay attention, because this is powerful... Show her you value her as a human being and not just a body.

Touch her often and in different ways.

Start Sexual Foreplay Touching Arousal by:

• Arm brushing and hand holding.

• Put an arm around her waist.

• Walking together, with fingers linked.

• Let your thumb explore her wrist.

• Run a finger down her cheek.

• Use a finger to outline her lips and the curves of her cheeks.

• When you are sitting and watching TV together, massage her feet and gently pull her toes and then work your way upwards.

• With your thumb lightly brush her lower lip, till she parts her lips and allows you entry.

• Stroke your hand, palm down on her back.

• Use both hands, palms inwards to map the outline of her body.

• Massage her shoulders, and back muscles and follow it up with gentle kisses.

• Give her small kisses on her ears, or nibble on her neck and make your way down.

• Don't touch her breast straight away, circle around it, moving closer all the time, till she strains against you.

• Use your imagination and together you will both discover what works best for the two of you. Encourage her to tell you what she likes best.

• Use the no tongue quick kiss, when you are familiar with each other.

• Put her first, and not your own pleasure.

• Lots of eye contact.

Arousal / Attraction Seduction

Arousal and attraction with sexual foreplay touching can transform into long lasting passion and love, or it may stay as it is. So, by its nature, it is short term. As such what you need to do is different and geared at achieving a certain goal in a specific length of time.

As such you can start sexual foreplay touching by:

• Making it obvious you fancy her, by sending her long, hot looks.

• Play her body as an instrument, by touching her often and in different ways.

• Brush against her frequently as though by accident.

• Kiss her often.

• Stroke her every chance you get.

• When you think she is ready, get her to a secluded place and kiss her with confidence.

• Try the quick kiss with tongue.

• Try different kisses, nibbles, soft kisses, interspersed with hot French kisses, then back to licking her lips and kissing other parts of her body.

• Keep your mouth teasingly out of reach, when you are finding it hot and heavy. Let her have to struggle to reach out and kiss you on the mouth.

3) Seduction

Seducing is the first step that leads to arousal, attraction and sexual foreplay touching. It is the way you will get her to single you out for her attention. The aim here is to make her feel special:

• Make eye contact.

• Look deep into her eyes.

• Touch her accidentally, but don't kiss her.

• Invite her out for a date, coffee, a movie, a walk whatever works for both of you.

• Don't kiss her on the first date.

• Don't be the pursuer, give her space and follow her lead.

• Touch her often enough to know you want her, push back her hair from her face, guide her gently with a hand on her back or by holding her elbow.

• Keep her guessing.

• Let the anticipation build and only then,

• Kiss her when she least expects it.

• Romance her in ways she doesn't expect, like getting her something small for no reason at all, or planning a special outing, maybe to a place the two of you have always wanted to go.

Like I said before, it's critical you don't rush her into anything she's not ready for, but how do you know if she's ready? Is there a way to tell how far a girl is willing to go before I go out with her?

4) Appreciation for Respect

For any kind of long term success with girls you have to genuinely like them and respect them, otherwise you will always have trouble attracting a girl.

However, there are some dos and don'ts you need to follow to be a successful and attractive to woman:

Where not to Touch

Most girls have one problem the world over. The moment they let a man kiss them, he makes a bee-line for either her breasts or her ass, which is such a sexual foreplay touching turn off.

So where should you not touch?

The genitals are a big No! not untill your partner indicates it's okay. Try it too soon and you are going to be left high and dry. Don't reach for the breasts either, till you have had a few dates, have kissed a few times and are comfortable with each other.

Be extra cautious about that unless of course your partner indicates it by either making it very obvious (like putting your hand on her breast) or pushing herself hard against your body.

Touching Boundaries

If your girl has indicated that touching her breasts is okay then by all means go ahead. You can first trace a finger starting on the outside of her breast and then moving closer and closer till you reach the nipple.

Cup the whole breast in the palm of your hand and squeeze gently.

Don't undress her or kiss her nipples till she indicates it is okay. As far as genitals go, don't go overboard, in case you frighten her away or she gets cold feet later on. Follow where she leads and if she says it's okay, go ahead and explore.

Keep in mind that if you both are in a secluded, private place, it could get out of hand pretty soon. To keep within your sexual foreplay touching boundaries and stay within limits, choose a semi private place, where you know you can be disturbed.

That will help you keep a curb on your passion and your girl will respect you all the more for it later on.

Sending Sexy Messages and Feedback

Keep on communicating. Listen to her sighs and be conscious of her body language to judge what she likes. Don't hesitate to ask her, as you both discover new things together.

Kissing, like sex, is one of the few things in life that gets better each time you try it. In this case, practice really makes perfect.

Pull back to look at her: are her cheeks flushed; her eyes a bit glazed; is she breathing heavily - in short, is she liking it.

At the same time don't hesitate to show her what you like. You can tell her things like, 'I love the way you kiss my throat'...

If on the other hand she immediately pulls away after sexual foreplay touching and begins to straighten her hair or her clothing, it's time to stop.

Don't push, when it is not wanted.

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