How to Keep Him Guessing by Creating Curiosity and Mystery...

I think this is by far one of the most important message of this book. If
you can create curiosity and mystery, excitement automatically seeps in, and the sparks will fly.

As women, you can create excitement by arousing a man's curiosity by inflecting the simplest actions with mystery. Make him wonder how it will feel to kiss and caress you.

"Let's explore the various tricks you may have up your sleeve."

Here's what you should know about flirting and the meaning behind every seductive gesture:

Even though it is a stereotype of movies, in reality women do not apply lipstick in front of men often. If you do, you can bet that every brush of the lipstick is an invitation to a man, to kiss you. Doesn't mean he should grab you there and then, but once he get's the message, if he's cool he'll kiss you when you least expect it. From personal standpoint and research, a girl who is applying lipstick in front of a guy, isn't shy, so you can play with this is, and see what kind of responses you get.

However you might be a girl who likes to lick her lips, ranging from a slow lick of the upper lip, to a quick wetting of the lower lip.
Licking both lips gets men extremely excited so... my advice, practice this in the mirror and use this technique carefully.

Next comes the lip pout. In this case the lips are not allowed to fall naturally together but are held a bit pursed, with maybe the lower lip sticking out more. The intention is of course to draw his attention to your sexy lips and sort of challenge him by asking, 'Don't you really want to kiss me?'

A coy smile directed at him, involves a partial smile (as opposed to a broad grin) with either a quick eye contact or a downward gaze, to indicate interest, while also trying to also capture the womanly attribute of shyness.

Here's how the man should respond and create mystery and overpowering sexuality in his turn:

The Lipstick Applicator: You get him to want kiss you, no denying that. This is not instinctive behavior but is practiced art. Don't do this unless you want him to kiss you. If you do, try this and see how he reacts. Let him take action when he wants to... If he doesn't cue into your gesture, you can always lean in for a wet one.

The Lip Licker: Falls between instinctive and practiced, depending on the you. It shows you're interested. Try a bit of body brushing before you really kiss him, if you're going to go for it yourself.

The Pouter: is another artificial one, but in this case the intention is mild flirtation. You will get your kiss, if only to satisfy curiosity but don't count on anything more.

Here's what you the lady should do:

To create mystery, look deep into his eyes for a brief second and then pull back. Cover the emotions in your eyes and allow only brief glimpses of interest to escape to arouse his interest and curiosity.

Don't be all over him. Lean back a bit and let him come onto you (applies to initial meetings only).

Keep him guessing. Don't let him kiss you when he is expecting it. Let the anticipation build, preferably till you can't really hold on any more. Then when it happens it will be like spontaneous combustion.

Sending conflicting signals, and increase the attraction and hold you have over her. Hold his hand but walk a little away from him (no body brushing) or do it the opposite way.

Sexual vs. Non-Sexual Expressions

There are three important reasons you need to distinguish between sexual vs. non-sexual expressions:

It will help you not to get your signals crossed.

Reduce your chances of 'rejection'.

Help you not to spoil a friendship which is platonic.

The following are sexual expressions, which are instinctive:

Crowd checking to see if there is someone interesting.

Brief glances at a particular person.

Eye contact.

Eyebrows lift.

Small smile

Body gazing and undressing

Turning his body towards you

Looking at your lips

Instinctive and yet practiced expressions:

Touching you casually.

Stroking his hair or moustache.

Rubbing his beard (even if clean shaven).

Nodding often while talking.

Face angled towards you.

Touching your neck or cheek casually.

Looking at your lips.

Talking softly, romantically.

Touching your hand, lacing fingers or holding hands.

Playing with objects.

Here's what your practiced flirtatious gestures would be:

Lipstick application

Lip pouting

Touching his hand, lacing fingers or holding hands.

Fiddling with clothes and settling them, even if there is no need to

Sitting or standing in a position that draws attention to a particular part of the body (like the breasts)

The following are not sexual expressions:




Interested in what he has to say.

Fiddling with your hair (a lot of women do it and it can mean nothing much).

Simply flirting is a test of your own attractiveness

Creating curiosity and mystery is something every woman should learn to do and do it well. A package exotically wrapped and
presented is infinitely more tempting then a dainty morsel on full display. Use all of nature's arts and wiles to set the stage for your success.

Keep him guessing, keep him wanting more and be confident of your abilities to have the man you desire, simply because you desire him.

A girl I once knew (had a good figure but was not a spectacular beauty) went to a party with the express intention of dancing with
the handsomest man there. Since that is what she had in mind, she searched and quickly found the man who fit the bill. Throughout the evening, she followed him with her intense bold eyes.

Eventually he asked her to dance (much to the dismay of his girlfriend) and that is as far as it went. Because our mysterious girl
didn't want anything more, she was satisfied with one dance. As for the handsome man, since there was a girl who didn't want
more, naturally he wanted her ... with a vengeance and chased her with single minded passion...

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