Kissing Emotions.

Kissing Emotions Explained
We are beings made up of body and mind. When we kiss someone, our whole body is focussed on it and yet at the same time, our mind yearns for a true joining of body and soul.

Sounds too far fetched? Well, let's analyze it. What is a kiss but lips on lips and if there was no emotion involved, it would have as much meaning as a hand shake and you wouldn't be sitting here reading this book.

Especially where we girls are concerned, our whole focus is on the magical kiss we will experience at the hands of our dream love. Even though in real life, we do not fall in love with every boy we kiss, yet in our heart of hearts we long to discover that 'he' is the 'One'. We dream of kisses, of soft, gentle awakenings and passionate melding of mouths. For men on the other hand, emotions don't play such a major part and happen much later on in a relationship.

For men, initially it is the physical stuff that matters, so as the woman of his dreams it is your task to walk the tight rope between how much to give and how much to hold back: until he has had time to get to know you and is emotionally and mentally involved with you -- the person, more than just an attractive body.

Being a good kisser isn't just about technique, and there are a few other factors involved in it before you actually kiss:

Touching and caressing is very important,

The place and the timing has to be just right.

The type of kiss you are going to plant on his lips will make or break your relationship.

And last but not least, the emotions you bring to your kiss will determine how your partner will respond to you

Kissing Emotions During the Kiss

Men and women have different expectations from a kiss. Most men tend to think of it as a stopover on the way to the real stuff, breasts and between the legs.

If proper sex is not involved, then men will concentrate on kissing a woman properly but even then their attention will be on reaching tits and ass.

Women on the other hand, enjoy kissing per se. It doesn't have to lead to anything else. Kissing by itself can be pleasurable on its own. Even when sex is involved, most women enjoy being kissed, till they are sufficiently aroused. That said, if during a kiss a man instantly moves on to B&B (breast and butt) then the moment is lost for you and for sure you are not going to be in a hurry to kiss again.

Not only that, you will probably hesitate to be affectionate, caress and kiss him for fear you will be misunderstand and labeled a tease.

So what are the kissing emotions that go through the mind of a girl?

The feeling of loving and being loved.



Concern (at being misunderstood)

Vulnerability (at being taken advantage of)

And worry, that she doesn't know enough or is doing it properly. Compare that with the emotions that go through a man's mind, when they kiss a girl. Is the prime kissing emotion a feeling of having 'scored' or are they more concerned with how their partner is feeling. Does their hand automatically stray far below, or do they spend time caressing the non erotic zones, like the back, shoulder, neck, cheeks, etc.

Your answer will enable you to judge for yourself what kind of kisser your man is.

Expressing Kissing Emotions... And Transmitting Them

A kiss can convey many things to the person being kissed. It can be a final act of goodbye, or a voyage of discovery; it can be the softness of beginnings or the rough madness of desperate passion. A kiss can convey everything from sadness to joy, lust to empathy, indifference to love. It can be a polite rebuff, or can invite desire, passion and love.

Special Kisses and Kissing Emotions:

A quick kiss dropped on the head conveys affection.

On the forehead conveys benediction, a blessing if you will.

A quick buss on the cheek can mean anything from hello to goodbye.

A deliberate kiss on the cheek, is a request for more.

Kissing the hand or fingers is very sexy.

Gently biting the palm of the hand, the wrist or the ears shows varying degrees of passion and desire.

A mouth to mouth kiss can be an exploration, a beginning or an end.

While a kiss on the neck, is like the start of hot, melting love making - but with lips only...

To summarize, there are as many kinds of kisses as there are human emotions. And it is a fact that what is in your heart will come to your lips, and will make itself felt in your kiss.

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