Kissing Rules (conservative)

No tongue on your first kiss.

Keep it short and sweet.

Leave him begging for more.

Touch often.

Compliment him often and mean it.

Treat him as though he is the one meant for you and stroke and caress often.

Intersperse gentleness with hard kisses filled with passion.

Stay away from the danger zone, at least initially.

Enjoy the moment you are kissing him. Live that moment truly.

Remember some men just like to flirt and are born scalp collectors. If you do get tangled up with someone like that, it doesn't mean all men
are bad.

Read up on the male ego, so you have a better handle on how to keep your guy.

Don't take offence at his moods – try ignoring them. Men go crazy over someone who doesn't take offence and faze easily.

Be genuine.

Try not to kiss (for some time) except with the eyes.

The most important of the kissing rules, have fun.

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