Romantic Kissing Places

Romantic kissing places are any place you want to kiss romantically, but we will give you some great ideas on where you can kiss. It could be at the movies, while waiting for the subway, walking together, or at your favorite dimly lit corner.

Some favorite romantic kissing places are the park, trails, and any place where there are bushes to screen you from everyone else. Other good options are at home, his or yours or at a friend's place, but be careful, if you are alone ... it could get out of hand very easily.

My personal favorite is the beach or in nature, especially when it is stormy and there is hardly anyone around. You don't have to be guided by everyone else, but should kiss when you want to and feel comfortable doing it. That way you can make your own special memories.

Romantic Kissing Places: Public Kissing

The main question to ask yourself is whether you both are bold enough and feel comfortable kissing in front of a whole lot of people.

If you don't care then by all means go ahead. But make sure your date is equally cool, though some men actually enjoy showing off and go in for public kissing.

Romantic Kissing Places: Private Kissing

When you are kissing somewhere private, where there is no noise and no one to disturb you, it couldn't be better. You would be able to concentrate on your date, with no distractions whatsoever.

The only concern then would be of the two of you getting carried away. Make sure you discuss it and when you do reach such a stage. Don't end up with regrets.

At the same time a private setting offers more comfort & security, with no one sneaking on you. If you are at a park or any other place, keep an eye out for voyeurs who can sneak up and spy on you. Also you should be sure, you are safe wherever you may be, considering the violence prevalent in our societies today.

Kissing Flexibility

Don't always kiss in a particular manner; otherwise it will get boring and predictable after some time.

Here's what you can do:

Vary your style of kissing.

Alternate hard and soft kisses.

Nibble your way along (the jaw line or ear).

Go for a French kiss, when you are both hot.

Try a Quick Kiss to remind him of the good times.

Give her a soft all encompassing one, to comfort and reassure him.

Let him lead at times.

Surprise him when he isn't expecting it.

Tailor your kisses to your surroundings.

If it is crowded and noisy, a quick closed lips one will do.

If it is calm and peaceful, then concentrate on him and experiment long and hard.

If he is shy, win him over with short quick kisses in a variety of styles (nibbles, gentle ones, quick no tongue ones ...).

Make sure no one is watching him.

If he's aggressive, go for the quick tongue kiss.

Keep him begging for more.

Tease him by keeping your mouth away from his lips.

Kiss him all over, including sucking on his nipples (if it isn't the first time you two are together).

At the same time, don't give him too much of kissing, always leave him hot and hungry, and wanting more...

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