Sexual Awareness / Sexual Timing

When to kiss and when not to kiss, that is the question when it comes to sexual timing. Well the rule number one here is to go with your intuition, your gut feel but not with your desires. And this is what sexual awareness is all about, fine tuning your sense of intuition on when to make the next move..

If you go with your desires you are going with what you want, whereas you need to think of what your partner wants.

However, you can check out these benchmarks - to make sure your man is as ready as you are.

Sexual Awareness / Sexual Timing: Verbal - Listen for your cues...

Listen to his words, is he flirting with you or trying to put you off by making excuses about going somewhere else.

Is the conversation quick and exciting.

Are you two getting along like a house on fire or are they periods of time when you can't think of what to say.

If you think you are getting along well and you can feel a connection with him, chances are you are doing well.

Sexual Awareness / Sexual Timing: Facial - Watch for the signs...

Is he making eye contact.

Watching your lips as you speak or your hands.

Watching like a hawk, when you lick your lips, or suck them, or pout or put on lipstick.

Rub his hands over his face, specially where it is shaved.

Are his eyes darkened and intent on you.

Is his face a bit flushed with excitement.

His lips smiling.

Sexual Awareness / Sexual Timing: Physical - Notice her body language...

Is he leaning towards you.

Is his body angled towards yours, or has he crossed his legs away from you.

Is he holding your hands or touching you often.

Mirroring your movements.

Playing with the glass, an object, anything at all

Has his ankles crossed towards you

Sexual Awareness / Sexual Timing: Psychological - Sense the connection...

Can you feel a connection with his mind.

Do you feel you get along with him.

Feel you know him in a short time.

Even if you feel he will be receptive to a kiss today, hold off a little and kiss later. A little anticipation is the spice of life and will send excitement streaking through your veins when you actually kiss him.

In short, if you are aware of each other and conscious of every move the other makes and your eyes lock all the time, and you somehow end up focussing on each others lips and his eyes are on yours too, well that's it ... go for it.

Just lean over and plant a sweet lip to lip kiss ... easy and gentle does it. After that you can continue to communicate, if not through words than through lips...

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