Cracking the Online Dating Code...

Whether superficial or actual, skimming on the surface or deep, how can you turn an existing relationship into a date?

For you girls, it is easy enough to do. Just stare at him long and hard and then look away.

Or build an opportunity and let him take the lead. For example you could always say to a casual acquaintance that you were going to get a coffee and casually invite him along.

Give him a chance to say Yes to what is effectively a date.

Yes! To going out.
Yes! To leading up to the first kiss...

Here are a few pointers on how to crack the ice:

Ask his opinion about something.

Ask him for a favor (could you please help carry my bag, cross theroad, open the door.

Get him on the defensive but in a fun way (hey, its not fair you know that you have the longest eyelashes I have ever seen)

Smile and dazzle him.

Tell him where you will be at what time. Casually let it slip that around 7 that evening you'll be going to a particular place. You'll be surprised at the coincidence because he just happens to be there.

Use a good excuse to get his phone number (maybe he knows a good dog walker).

Hold off before calling. Call when he doesn't expect it. His interest will be piqued because you aren't chasing him but are playing it aloof.

Try some subtle body language to let him know you are attracted, look a little and then look away.

Use your body to good effect, arch your back, so your breasts are highlighted, tilt your head so your neck is on display, brush past him accidentally and of course the age old crossing and uncrossing of your legs.

To Ask or not to Ask

In these days of technology, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a man out. But still I would suggest hint, rather than ask him flat out. Men like to do the running, especially when they think something is their own idea.

Plus it flatters their ego to make the first move, the first gesture and believe me they will never guess that you planned it all along. Keep in mind, a cup of coffee and a bagel, a walk along the beach, a movie or dinner and dancing all come under the same category.

They all qualify as a date.

The difference is in the amount of pressure they put on both you and your date to 'perform'. It does get tricky, when you want to ask your colleague out for a date (By the way, office romances rarely result in anything good), because if he says no you will look bad and feel awkward around him at all times.

And when it comes to asking your dear childhood friend, who's grown into this handsome chap all the ladies are after, the situation gets even murkier!

Now if you were a college student, you might want to go out exactly as you are. But it flatters a man if you get a bit dressed up and make an effort to do him proud.

After all would you like to go out with a man who takes you out in the same clothes that he wears to take the dog out, or would you rather go out with some one well dressed?

Dating is first and foremost a subtle game of upmanship, so dress well, because all men like to show off the woman on their arms.

All the male posturing for the benefit of other men sends this message– look at the girl I have on my arm -- won't you like to have her on yours?

So, brush your hair; wear a good outfit; spray some strategic perfume and then a bit hard to get when you go out with him. If you've ever had limited ideas for dates, I understand.

It's not easy to come up with new things to do, which will often lead to a repetitive and boring relationship. If you want to have free access to endless ideas for romantic, fun, exciting and memorable date whenever you need them, you may want to check out Michael Webb's bestselling books.

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Dating – Expanding Your Options

Are you surrounded by opportunity to create dating relationships?

I know from personal experience that my little world is a small place compared to where I could be hanging out and meeting people. I've found, as you will, that dating is a hard game if your options are extremely limited.

Being able to prospect many, many men for dates is one HUGE advantage in finding the right guy (or even a decent one for that

Dating is and always has been a numbers game, and to improve your odds it's important to get yourself out there so you can see what your options are.

It's very common for women of high caliber to be dating some schmuck when they should be with a super decent guy. Why would you settle for anything less than you wish?

Well, it's very easy to lower your standards when all you have in front of you are a couple guys who don't have a whole lot to offer. You may find that you see the same men every day, who don't seem to evolving into supreme beings deserving of a date with you...

And it won't take long, if you've not explored other options thoroughly, for your standards in a man to start dropping. You need this involvement in your life... that's why you're reading this, to improve the quality of your relationships and dating.

How much can your dating relationships improve if you're incredibly limited by your options with men?

To develop your own personal arsenal of feminine tricks, you need to be exploring all types of men, in all types of environments, and it should all be constantly changing so you see the full scope of what's available to you.

But how do you leap out of your current situation and meet new men when you're so busy... when you have to be at work, at school, wherever you are?

And where the heck would you go to find an abundance of decent men whom you'd even be willing to spend a night with?

Personally, I had trouble with this for a long time. I wanted a place where I could freely associate with men of all kinds and see what opportunities came about.

You're looking for situations where men will be approaching you and then you could accept or disqualify them for a date, Depending on first impressions, etc. And to be able to do this safely, without ending up with uncomfortable situations and the creepy stalker types... euyuck!

I've found the answer, and I'm about to share with you... the solution to every girls problem when it comes to dating... limited options.

Many people talk about it, because it is becoming a very common social standard. Online dating is now the fastest growing way to meet singles who are looking for dates. People gather in online chat rooms and forums sharing their interests, posting their personal profiles, and reading other people's profiles to arrange dates after getting to know each other.

Now you may think that the only people who go on those things are desperate and just out looking for shallow, brief relationships. Well, there are those people. But there are also hundreds of thousands of genuine men, and women, looking for something more serious, something heart warming and genuine.

I have met countless couples, happily dating and some even married, who say they met online and that the choice to go online to a find a date changed their whole life for the better, and forever. Many friends of mine who 'finally' found that special person they were looking for, found them online.

The best part about online dating is that you don't have to talk to anyone you don't want to. You can respond to men's profiles, and send them cute little messages if you like what they say about themselves.

You can look at their picture, learn about their lifestyle and what they do, their age, and all the details that are important to you.

Every girl and woman has a few things she loves in a man, and a few things she hates in a man. Imagine being able to sift through thousands of men to find the right one for you... And, imagine what it would be like receiving messages from tons of men who are trying to prove themselves worthy of a date with you.

Do you think your dating life would get easier given those circumstances?

Below I have listed several dating sites that I believe to be some of the better ones out there. There are thousands, but these I have looked into myself and I have friends who are members of these.

Some of them are a bit more mature (adult oriented) and that may appeal to you or not, depending on your goals... I have also listed some great ones for younger people.

I strongly encourage you to go to these dating sites, sign up for FREE memberships at several of them. Set up your profile (takes a minute), tell the boys what you're looking for in a man, and start looking for the type of guy you deserve.

The FREE online dating membership allows you to check out the site and meet people, or just read their profiles, without having to pay a membership fee. I think it is totally worth checking them out...

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Date Match
Adult Singles
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Chill n' Chat
Quest Personals
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Hot Date
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