The First Kiss..

As kisses go, the first kiss is all important:

It sets the stage for other kisses that follow.

If it goes well, you are in.

If it wasn't a good kiss, then chances are you aren't going to get a second chance.

A man isn't going to forget his first kiss with the girl of his dreams, so if you play it right, you will make a great impression on him.

What to avoid at all costs during the first kiss

A clumsy kiss.

Bad timing.

Bad choice of location.

Too many people around or to much noise.

Forcing your tongue into his mouth.

Being rough or trying to be extra passionate.

Creating The First Kiss Mood

You need to set the stage for a first kiss. So choose to go to a place where you know you can be semi private. Don't plan a date where there are always a lot of people around. Any place where you can be totally alone, for a little while at least will work well.

Come fully prepared, freshly washed and groomed and wearing nice, clean clothes. Remember not to splash on, too much perfume.
subtle touch is enough. Make sure your breath is fresh and is not smelling of stale food or coffee. If need be, keep some mints handy and have one yourself and offer your date one too.

Pick the right moment for the first kiss.

Which doesn't mean that the second you are alone, you make a beeline for each other's lips. What it actually means is that you check to see that you are alone. If you are then you can concentrate on your date. Let the desire in your eyes grow, while you focus on his lips. He will become conscious of it and conversation should naturally come to a halt.

Or if there is a lull in the conversation you can look at him with bated breath and an invitation in your eyes and you can be sure, he won't lose a moment but will reach out for the first kiss!

Before The First Kiss

Make sure you are alone and no one will disturb you at the wrong moment.

It is quiet and romantic, not noisy and crowded.

You are physically and mentally ready for it.

Watch each other till you sense it is time. Don't kiss when you are distracted by something else (like hunting in your bag for car keys)

Read his body language. Is he leaning towards you, is he staring at your lips, is his face tilted down towards yours?

Are you holding hands or have you been touching before this. If not then don't kiss first.

Under no condition should you ask before you kiss. That'll take all the fun out of it


During The First Kiss

Keep your eyes open as you let your mouth descend slowly.

Let them close only when your lips meet.

Lift your chin with and slide your arms around his neck, or cup his cheek with one hand

Once you are kissing, forget the world. Take all the time you need to make it a memorable experience. Loose yourself in the kiss and the various sensations that you feel while being held close and being caressed.

Go very very slow.

Start by running your fingers through his hair, or caressing his cheek. Then kiss his cheek and move across to plant a soft, sensuous, gentle kiss on his lips.

Pretend you are kissing the handsomest man in the world and don't want to lose this opportunity.

Keep on caressing his body throughout the kiss and let him lean against you, when he goes weak with passion.

Don't initiate any tongue kissing, unless you really want to do it.

And last but not least, please don't slobber. Control your saliva levels, nobody likes to have it dripping into their mouth. A good kiss should be wet, but not sopping wet

Ending The First Kiss and the Aftermath

Hopefully, your first kiss with a particular date has been an exciting, memorable moment.

The ending is now equally important as the beginning, because it is the ending that will ensure you go on to other kisses and don't feel awkward with each other.

Here's how to end that sensational first kiss and what to do after you end it:

Draw apart slowly as though coming up for air.

Stroke his cheek with one hand or run your hand over his shoulder (touch him in a way that seems natural).

Then look deep in to the eyes and drop your gaze to his lips.

Lean forward and plant a short, closed mouth kiss on the lips. Sort of like an ending to a paragraph.

Then link your hands together and carry on back to what you were doing, walking under the stars or talking softly.

It is important to be at ease with each other, so that you don't feel awkward later on.

At the same time, it is natural to feel self conscious, so don't leave your date right away, spend a few extra minutes with him so that any beginning awkwardness melts away.

When you leave your date and go home, you should have left behind a man who can't get thoughts of you, out of his head. He's thinking of how sensitive and sexy you are and how you kiss as though you really mean it. He should be befuddled by the restrained passion with which you have kissed him and should feel as though he has sensed a passionate woman behind the cool exterior – a woman he can't wait to get close too.

He'll probably tell all his friends about it, dream of endlessly kissing you and look forward eagerly to the next date...

Your First Kiss Can be...

Romantic & Passionate: Think of long walks, snuggled up somewhere warm when it's cold and rainy outside. Think of flowers and eager lip-nibbling kisses.

Intimate: Think of slow dancing, riding a horse together, or kissing while sitting in his lap.

Fast Paced: When you know each other better and you minds are in tune. Otherwise keep it slow and sexy. You could steal a fast paced kiss virtually anywhere, while waiting for the train to come, or at the movies.

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