'Quick Kiss' Sexy and Delicious

Quic sexy kisses are a good choice in a number of situations and have a lot going for them. However, except for the quick peck on the lips or cheek, a proper quick kiss isn't good for a first time kiss.

Sexy Quick Kisses are perfect when:

There isn't much time.

There are a lot of people around.

You are at ease together.You do have time, but want a kiss that is instantly arousing.

There are two types of quick sexy kisses, with the tongue and without and here's how it works:

Quick Kiss:No Tongue

Lean over and gently cup his face in the palms of your hand. Then lean over and with an open mouth, plant a kiss that encompasses and covers both his lips.

Just a quick cupping of lips by lips. Hold it for a quick second and move away.

The Real Sexy Quick Kiss

He holds you the same way, or with his hands on your shoulders.

Tilt your face towards him, and open your mouth.

Place your lips so that they are encompassed and covered totally by his; at the same time let him quickly slide his tongue between your lips like a quick spear thrust – in and out.

The sensation should be very brief and very quick and if properly done will leave you both hot and hungry for more.

Social / Public Effect of Sexy Quick Kisses

Since a quick kiss is ... well, so quick, it doesn't draw much attention to itself. It is over almost before you know it, yet leaves a lasting residual feeling of attraction for the two participants.

For example, you could be standing and talking together when suddenly you come together for a quick kiss, that will leave you
breathless and wanting more, but in real time is over almost before it began.

As you become more proficient, you'll notice that a sort of telepathy develops between you and your man and both of you simultaneously reach for each other, meld your mouths together and kiss as one.

Socially, a quick sexy kiss is not one you would give someone you just met, as by it's very nature it is very intimate and requires prior carnal knowledge of the other person, before being attempted.

So if you are on good kissing terms with your man, then by all means try it, otherwise wait a bit.

Intense Pressure Kiss Vs. Calm & Gentle Kiss

The open mouthed, 'your lips covering his' no tongue kiss, is gentle and calm as it is a reassuring kiss, more than an intensely exciting one.

However the no holds barred quick tongue kiss is intense and even though it is of a short duration, it is very invasive and dominating.

The instantaneous tongue slipping between the lips, mimics the powerful act of making love and presumes that it will be accepted, welcomed, invited and wanted.

You cannot quick kiss a stranger, but you can quick kiss someone, whom you have been with and whose very look of desire turns you on.

Quick Kisses: Psychological Impact & Preference

If you were well practiced in kissing and wanted to seduce an innocent who you know is very attracted to you, then a quick tongue kiss would be devastating.

But just to prepare him, run your thumb over his lower lip and enter his mouth with your thumb, so that it is open and so much more responsive to your quick kiss.

However this is not a kiss a man will unleash on a first date. It's more a matter of personal choice between you and your man.

However any time you are hot and ready, you will respond to this kiss. On the other hand to reassure and calm, a gentle, no tongue quick kiss that enfolds and engulfs will reassure. It spells security and caring and delivers a great feeling of being totally wanted and loved.
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