Facial Expressions

Girls have a variety of facial expressions they use to indicate interest and curiosity.

The signals are not so easy to read and sometimes are unknowingly instinctive and it is easy for the uninitiated to get them wrong.

With practice you will become better at telling instinctive, yet meaningless flirting, with the more serious 'I am really interested kind of flirting'.

The ability to differentiate between the two, will make you more powerful at reading women and therefore more attractive. At the same time, it could steer you clear of situations where you could experience 'rejection' - which could be a result of your having misread instinctive signals in the first place.

Receiving Sexual Messages ... gua ge her interest.

Facial expressions are used to first get attention, then to evaluate whether the person concerned is actually interesting and worthy of more time and interest. This leads to interaction between the two of you and finally to the end result which in this case is kissing.

Here are some facial expressions (starting with the eyes), that women use, to indicate interest:

First a girl will first quickly check out the crowd, to see if there is anyone interesting.

She will then repeatedly glance (very briefly) at the person who has caught her eye. Since the look will barely last a few seconds, you might miss it.

Next comes the slightly longer eye contact, in which a girl will single you out with a brief period of eye contact, before quickly looking away. At this stage, if you are the object of her attention, you will probably be aware of her interest and might want to return it, by looking back at her and then following up on it (by maybe moving to sit beside her, with some excuse... and you might want to hold off)

A girl may unknowingly also lift her eyebrows a bit just to attract your attention.

She might toss her head so that her face is more clearly visible, when she looks up. The movement draws attention to her hair and the lines of her neck and shoulder.

A variation of this, is running one hand through the hair (specially if the hair is too short to be tossed), or stroking her hair repeatedly.

Other signs of interest are nodding often while talking, or turning her face and/or body towards you.

She can also tilt her face at an angle to make her look more appealing and may even stroke the area of her neck that is exposed, showing more than usual interest in you.

All these are signs that she is interested in you and as each progresses, make it obvious (once you learn to know and watch out for them) that she is interested and will be receptive to going out and later sharing a kiss with

...and Sending Sexual Messages

* Here's what you should do when you are receiving the messages sent your way:

Make eye contact.

Look her deep in the eyes (but not for too long or too soon, as that will frighten her away).

Sit closer.

Angle your body towards her so that she can brush your arm if she wants to.

Lean towards her to show her you are interested.

Make your body accessible. Don't move your hands and legs out of the way, leave legs stretched part of the way under tables, so that she can 'accidentally' brush them.

Brush her fingers while passing the salt or whatever.

Don't kiss her on the first date. You'll get that kiss, but you'll miss out on more

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