Creating Kissing Opportunities... Seduction

Don't wait for opportunity to strike but make your own.

There are no rules to follow accept the following:

Don't embarrass her: You want to kiss her not own her. So don't kiss her in front of people she might be uncomfortable with, like her parents, elder brother etc.

Don't repulse her: That means no kissing after eating Indian curry, garlic, any other strong flavored foods, smoking (if she's a non smoker) etc.

Don't drool : Don't let saliva drip into her mouth. Swallow it before you start to kiss.

Don't be rough: Be gentle and smooth. Slow and easy does the trick. Don't mash her lips. Start out gently.

No French Kissing: No tongues on the first kiss, unless she opens her mouth and initiates it. Remember you want her to come back for more, not run away gasping.

Create Your Own Kissing Opportunities

Don't wait for opportunity to strike, but create your own. For example, if you know she always goes for a walk at a certain time to a certain place, you could manage to be there, just by chance.

Ask her for help with a project, or a favor - even if you don't need it. Make friends with her circle, so that you come to be an accepted part of the clique.

Walk her home, or drive her home. Check out a movie together, or go to the library together. Basically, what you have to do is become familiar with her life style, so that you can judge which is the best way of getting her to yourself.

Incidentally a lot of girls' aren't so much into waiting and will often let you kiss on the first date. My advice would be, not to kiss them on the first date, but to let the anticipation build till later.

However, if she is all over you and wants to flirt, well go with the flow but leave her wanting...

Read on and learn unbelievable openings for kissing girls.

Positive Impact Phrases around Kissing

Remember for a girl, kissing and sex is all in the mind. So words are an important element and an important part of the mix. However at the same time, till your bodies are in sync, it is a good idea not to talk too much.

Say only what you really believe. A girl can smell a phony compliment from a mile off, so don't just say it unless you believe it and it is relevant to the girl in question.

For example if it pitch dark and you can't even see her, you couldn't possibly comment on how beautiful her eyes are. The same thing goes with long hair, if she actually has short cropped hair (unless of course you like short hair).

Anyway here are some winners to send you on your way

1. You are so beautiful
2. I love your skin
3. I love the way you blush (only if she actually blushes)
4. I love the way your hair ripples and curls (twirl a curl in you finger and say it half abstractedly)
5. You have a perfect figure
6. I could kiss you forever
7. The curve of your lips drives me insane
8. You smell so sweet (kiss) and so sexy (kiss)
9. I am jealous of everyone you ever kissed (don't overdo this one)
10. Do you like being kissed slowly (kiss slow and light) or deeply (give her a deep, drugging kiss)
11. What would you do if I kissed you ( and kiss her without waiting for an answer)

You get the idea. On the first few kisses don't make any enthusiastic boyish comments about her assets, especially in typical male lingo. See below.

Devastating Words around Kissing...

Nothing puts off a girl faster than crudity, at least in the initial phrases of a relationship. Maybe much later, if all goes well, and you discover that more graphic words turn her on - than that of course, is a different story.

But for the present and for initial kisses, avoid the following male lingo:

1. Don't say 'I love you' unless you mean it (even if you mean it, don't say it too soon)

2. Don't use crude male imagery till later in the relationship and then only if she likes it: words like, 'I love your tits. You have such a hot ass. When I kiss you I wanna fuck! Instead try saying it differently, 'I love your breasts, they are perfect and made for me, see how they fit in my hands. I love to watch you walk, I love the sway of your hips, you have such a sexy walk. When I kiss you, I can barely stop myself from tearing off your clothes to make mad, passionate, love to you'

3. Don't say, 'You don't kiss as well as So and So, or you kiss better than So and So'

4. Don't pass comments like, 'Try being a bit tactile, open your mouth' (anything that will put her on the defensive and cause her to start thinking, instead of only feeling)

5. Don't suddenly announce, 'You know what? You are one hot chick' (Each of us is a girl and we dream of our prince in his shining armor. We certainly don't dream of being one hot chick)

Tone & Volume of Words around Kissing

When you are saying something romantic and sexy to your girl, whisper it in her ear or say it softly enough that only she can hear it, even better if she has to lean towards you to hear it.

That's for when you are in public and maybe walking around with your hands linked. When you are alone together, you can raise your volume but keep it soft and gentle, just loud enough to be heard easily. Don't talk loudly and coarsely, or make a big to do in public.

Low key confidence is the key.

For example:

• You could whisper a sexy comment in her ear and just let your lips touch her ear, as you talk.
• Or you could finish your comment and gently bite her ear before breaking away.
• Or drop a kiss on the side of her neck. Just be creative and do what comes naturally.

Psychology of Words - After Kissing

What should you say after kissing each other, maybe for the first time?

How about a simple: Wow! And a rueful smile, which connotes how carried away you got. Unless you are really comfortable with your partner and know exactly what she wants to hear, it is better to keep it sweet and easy.

So a simple smile, a big hug with arms around her waist (not on her hips) is way better than a forced comment.
Or you could lean over and give her another small kiss and say something like, 'That's to keep me going till next time ...”

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