How You Can Instantly Have 20 Links or MORE Pointing To Your Site - All On Their Own Page!

Partner with us! We can help you Build PR and Link Popularity for your site far faster that any 1 reciprocal exchange. If you're doing any kind of link exchanges, you've become unecessarily familiar with the 'one-at-a-time' reciprocal exchange. This is a time consuming, 1 link for 1 link process that takes too long and you know it.

It's Time You Found A Lightning Fast Way To Exchange Multiple Links At Once!

Inrtoducing our Reciprocal Article Exchange... a FAST and POWERFUL way to Increase Your Site's Link Popularity and Page Rank, 20 Links at a Time! Don't be scared of the word 'Article' - we promise you don't have to be a writer and you don't have to have an article. Let's talk about it.

The Ever Powerful Article Exchange - How it Works, and How You Can Take Advantage, Right Now.

It's actually a very simple process... instead of exchanging links, we can exchange articles. But here's the catch... Your allowed to stuff your article with tons of keyword targeted links all pointing to your site , and each link can be customized by you. We recommend no more than 20 links, because the PR of the page your article is on will be equally distributed by all your links. Your links will be the only outbound links on that page so each link is as valuable as possible.

We also recommend that you place multiple links to several of your internal pages that you may want to rank highly for given keywords. This 'Deep Linking' strategy is incredibly powerful, because you have total control over the keywords in the anchor text of all the links in your article. You should also optimize the entire article for your target keywords, here's why...

Your Keyword Optimized Article Will Parmantly Claim It's Own Page On Our Site - As Our Site's PR Grows, Your Article's Page will Certainly Gain It's Own PR, and Will Eventually Rank for Your Target Keywords.

Every goal for this site is Long Term, and we are agressively Link Building and Optimizing for high traffic keywords. Your article will not only help your search engine optimization and link building strategy, but it may also generate a nice flow of traffic to your site. We are making all articles available for our visitors to read as this is an information driven website.

More about the page your article will own and your article itself...
- You control all the content and links on that page.
- You can tell us what keywords you'd like us to use in the <title> tag of that page, which will largely increase the potential of your article page getting ranked in the search engines for your keywords.
- We suggest 400-600 words, but could longer if you'd like.
- We are flexible if you have any ideas or special requests.

What if I don't have an article and don't want to write one?

First, you may want to consider writing some articles if you're doing business on the web. If you have any email messages you have sent out to your customers or lists, these could be useful for scrapping together some content to resemble an article. We are not strict when it comes to your writing skill. Remember the main benefit and goal here is the linking strategy.

If you can't scrap together something that you can call an article, then we strongly suggest you hire someone on to write some articles for you. We won't go into how to do that, but you can learn about the process by going to and tapping into the freelance network there.

How to Claim 20 Links to Your Site With A Keyword Optimized Article Placed On Our Site Today...

Although this process is not fully automated, yet, it's a rather simple process. Because we realize this is such a powerful link buildking opportunity, we require that you host one of our articles on your site. It's very easy to create an article directory; Just create a folder called 'articles' and save the articles to that folder on your server. Link to the article directory from the home page (required) and all articles should be only two clicks from the home page (no more than 2 levels deep).

Simply send us your keyword optimize article with all your links by attaching it to an email message.
Send your attached article to and our article exchange manager will respond to your submission with our article that you are to host on your site. Reply to the email when our article is live, and when we see that you've posted our article on your site, your article with all your links claims it's own page forever.

You may submit multiple articles and we will host them all on their own pages, but we will also require you to host an equal number of our articles on your site. This can become very powerful, so if you have any good ideas, we should discuss this process further via email so we can mutually benefit.

Submit Your Article:
Article Manager Contact: 562-598-4066

We are excited to partner with you and help you power up your link building strategy. Take a break from the slow reciprocal link process, and submit your article today with 20 links pointing to your site.

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